This is a now page, it talks about what I am doing now. Got the idea from Derek Sivers. If you want more details or want to create your own go here

I'll try to keep this updated at least every month.

Last updated: 4/18/20


I was travel / working in Malaysia earlier this month and was lucky to get out right before the travel bans and lockdowns. I was meticulous about going through quarantine. I'm past 14 days now so I feel safe but we have a Shelter In Place order so I'll be doing my part and staying at home


I'm continuing to keep my health up with body weight exercises. I try to pick a 2-3 exercises each day. (Squats and pullups for example for one day). I'm really focusing on consistency vs intensity. My cardio is each week I do 100 burpees in a session.

For mental health I've started meditation. I'm meditating first thing in the morning before I start any work or news reading and once more in the afternoon around 4pm. It will be 15 minutes each session.


iOS (SwiftUI) development. I'm creating the iOS version of the Android app that I made earlier.


I'm adding charts and graphs to my Journaling Android app (many users have been requesting this, I'm so happy about the positive response) and I'm coding up the iOS version as well.

I've registered for DesignCode to hopefully improve my UI and design skills. I'm good at making things functional and usable, hopefully I can make them beautiful as well.

Reading / Listening / Watching

Going back to basics.  I think it was Tim Ferris who said we are so infatuated with newness but the good stuff is the stuff that has stood the test of time. So I'm rereading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.