This is a now page, it talks about what I am doing now. Got the idea from Derek Sivers. If you want more details or want to create your own go here

I'll try to keep this updated at least every month.

Last updated: 7/20/20

Mostly staying indoors. Northern California is doing pretty well covid-wise, people are in general wearing masks and distancing. However, southern California is not as well as other states and since there are no intrastate restrictions its not a great situation. I'm using the time to learn and continue my programming projects.


I've moved my meditation to be the first thing I do in the morning. I feel like after I get my coffee and start going, I have too much momentum to take time for it.

I've put on about 7-8 lbs since getting back home. This is without much increase in body fat. I feel great and much stronger than before as I continue my workout routine. I do light 15-30 minute workouts each day and only skipped 3 days out of the last month.


I launched my first iOS app! It was hard word but I feel very proud of it.

Reading / Listening / Watching

I'm going through Stacking the Bricks podcasts (which is now inactive) but it has some amazing content. The latest one talked about how the thought process behind Marie Kondo's Magic of Tidying Up can be used in entrepeneurship to fix widely accepted flaws of the idea of the lean startup and pivoting.

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