Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I Should Stop

Before Twitter was created. The founders were working at a company called Odeo, trying to build the next podcasting empire. This was before podcasting was popular.

The CEO of the startup had sent around a company wide email pinpointing a detailed plan on podcasting domination. One of the founders, Biz Stone, read the plan and agreed. He told the CEO that if they were to follow this plan, they would indeed be the kings of podcasting.

But he had one question. He asked, do you really want to be the king of podcasting? And the CEO replied, no, not really. They didn't have any real passion for podcasting. They never recorded their own audio or even listened to podcasts. So they decided to shut the company down and work on something else that they were excited about. A project that aligned with the history of what they enjoyed and that they would spend all their time thinking about, whether they were at work or not. That project ended up becoming Twitter.

Do you really want to be doing what you are doing?

This story was from the book Things a Little Bird Told Me by Biz Stone. I haven't finished it yet so won't recommend at this time but enjoyed this little tidbit especially since I recently had my own "actually, I don't want to be working on this. I should stop" moment.