Sunday, September 29, 2019

Product-Founder Fit

I was listing to Mubs on the IndieHackers podcast today and he brought up an interesting point about Product-Founder fit being more important than product market fit in his case. Courtland then agreed in a way by saying he always took Product-Founder fit was the default and then from there, look for the things that might gain an audience or make money. Mubs does do a lot of projects without even considering how to monetize first.

In my indie developer journey, I've started with the same Product-Founder fit first approach by scratching my own itch. However, I did take a detour from that recently and it didn't end well. Since I can work from anywhere, my friend said he could host me in Toronto. Neat! I'd be able to explore Toronto and we could work on a project together. He suggested a fitness app. I'm into fitness so I said sure why not. I spent the next month working on the project. He would help too but it was difficult for him to dedicate real hours due to a tough work schedule. I wasn't really into the project but I just figured if I get the ball rolling, then the momentum would kick in. At the end of the month I knew it was not going to work. I could keep going but it wasn't something I really wanted to work on. The amount of effort it takes, the waking up early to work on it, the thought put in after hours is just not worth it if you aren't committed. One month of work wasted. Well not completely, we still had a lot of fun and I left time to explore a new city.

But lesson learned, make sure there is Product-Founder fit because even if you end up not finding Product-Market fit, at least you will have worked on (and hopefully shipped) something you love.