Tuesday, July 30, 2019

I'm Going To...

I've been following some of Naval Ravikant's podcasts (Check out https://nav.al/category/podcast) since I really enjoy how he explains concepts in a simple and concise way. The latest one that I heard was on Tim Ferris' podcast explaining what I've been calling trigger words. I've added it to the list

If you say "I'm going to do X..." as in "I'm going to lose the weight." or "I'm going to start that startup." or "I'm going to talk to that girl", you probably will not do X because you are giving yourself an out. You are delaying. If you were really going to do X you would just do it.

And of course it's difficult to do X because that requires suffering and the pain of change. If the pain is too much what you can do is lower what X is. If you can't commit to not smoking then first commit to smoking one less than your usual per day. Then later you can move to the next step.

But be aware that you should be doing it. Saying "I'm going to" is a good sign that its not going to happen or you aren't serious