Thursday, February 7, 2019

Write Every Single Day

I was listening to Seth Godin's Podcast Akimbo and the Q and A section had some gold. I haven't been writing for awhile but after listening to this, I'm forced to start again. I'm just going to transcribe the question and response verbatim.

 From Akimbo, episode "The Big Sort", time 34:28


"You highly recommend blogging daily, you say it will change you for the better. You also talk about putting your work out there for people to see and not hide it because of what they may think, and also you remind us that there is no such thing as writers block. If you can't write things that are great just keep writing and it will naturally get better"

"So here's the question: If I commit to a daily blog, and I commit to putting it out there for anyone and everyone to see, should I still post on days when the content isn't as good as I'd want it to be? Should I just not care what people think?"

Seth's Response:

"I'm glad that my riffs about the daily writing habit are resonating with you. So let me try to be specific as I can. Your work will never be good enough. Your work is unlikely to ever feel good enough. But we do the work anyway. We go to the gym even though we can't run a 4 minute mile. We decide to write an essay or a book or a blog post even though we are not Steven King. That's OK. The goal here is not to be perfect. The goal is not even to be the best in the world. The goal is to express ourselves, to be interesting, to land an idea in someone else's consciousness so they can go ahead and also make things better."

"So yes you have to ship every single day. You can't say 'what the heck' and ship junk. But you have to ship every single day. Because that will put the resistance on notice and the resistance will push you to make better work the first time as opposed to spending all its time stalling and looking for excuses."

Recommitting again. Thanks Seth.