Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Use Substitution to Your Advantage

Today I wanted to give some examples of how we can use substitution in our lives to our advantage. We often think in terms of addition or subtraction, but there are a lot of situations were we'd be better or where it is absolutely necessary to use substitution.

Every hour we have is already accounted for. Trying to do something new like learn to play guitar, or a foreign language or a side hustle? Well, you aren't going to get more hours in the day to be able to do that thing. Instead its going to have to come from somewhere. That might mean sacrificing a different hobby, or it might be less internet browsing. For me, I used to be a big sports fan but I gave up sports completely to work on my app.

Every habit that we have serves a need. Once we realize this its much easier to change our behavior. Many people try to quit smoking without addressing the need. That usually doesn't go well. The best way is to become self aware enough to figure out what need that thing or habit is fulfilling. Then, find an appropriate substitute. I had an alcohol dependency. I replaced a glass of wine in the evening to working on something I was passionate about. The alcohol was a pick me up because I was bored and uninspired. But once I quit my job and worked on what I was excited about, that went away real quick.

Trying to diet? Rather than do a calorie restrictive diet, try to do a substitution diet instead. You don't need to starve yourself. It doesn't have to be painful. You can eat as much as you want, but you are only allowed to eat healthy foods. Instead of eating this, eat that. If you are a picky eater you can pick out of the foods you like. I've maintained a steady weight this way for the last 8 years.

When trying to change a habit or behavior sometimes substitution is the most effective