Tuesday, February 12, 2019

It's Not Safe To Speak

Hitting on yesterdays point that life is inherently risky, Jordan Peterson says "It is not safe to speak, but it is even less safe to not speak". It can be scary to put something out there. To publish that app or write that blog article or voice that opinion. God forbid put it on YouTube and have thousands or millions of people listen to what you say. If you did that you are absolutely certain to hear criticism. People might not get it. They might say your work sucks. They might laugh or mock you.

But do the work anyway. Ship it. Because NOT doing it is even more unsafe and risky. If you don't ship you won't get the feedback you need. You won't affect anyone around you. You won't have the opportunity to iterate. There would be no personal growth.

Not doing it comes with no power, no self respect, no ability to voice your opinions... no truth.

And in truth, the negative consequences are mostly fabricated in our heads. Our fear is designed to keep us alive and reproduce. It will tell us "hitting that submit button might ostracize us from the group, maybe we should keep our mouth shut, that would be safe" The truth is the opposite: most people won't care enough about you to pay attention. There might be 1 or two haters but it would be hard to get people to take notice. And if haters do take notice, good. Maybe they'll have some good criticism to take note of maybe they won't. It doesn't matter. Continue to do the work, its safer than not doing it.