Thursday, February 14, 2019

Breaking the Rules

In families with multiple siblings have been studied extensively and one of the findings is that the second sibling tends to be more rebellious.

Why? Well the first sibling starts by himself and lives in the world of the parents. The parents set the rules and the sibling is raised to conform to them. Parents tend to be more careful with the first child and get more lenient with the later ones as they get more comfortable.

So then the younger child is born. The older child is more dominant and because he has been getting rewarded for following the rules, he usually passes his way down to the younger child.

Sometimes they follow suit but often the younger child realizes he can't win, can't stand out, or doesn't want to be told by big brother what to do. He doesn't like the game that the older brother (and the parents) have created for him, so he changes the game. He breaks the rules. A rebel is born.

Similarly, today's millennial look at the world the previous generation left them with: possibly no social security, a college system that doesn't serve them (rather than empower them it leaves them in debt and little hope for saving), and housing which is ridiculously expensive. Some will follow the path that their elders say they should follow, some scraping by, others digging a grave of labor. But I'm happy (well not with the situation but with the positive change) to see that some are starting to break the rules.

I love seeing all the creative reaction to this unfortunate situation. Some are deciding to not go to college. Some are deciding not to buy house. Take advantage of remote work. Live and work anywhere in the world. Or maybe roadtrip in an RV. There are movements to redefine what success looks like. Can't afford all the status items of the previous generation? No problem because now its about the experiences you are having. Take that hike to Machu Picchu or travel through South East Asia. Minimalism is on the rise. The internet is providing thousands of ways to make impact, relations, and money. YouTube, Podcasting, and gaming are just some of the new career options.

Sure, not everything is rosy. Depression in millennials is on the rise. There are bound to be problems. But creativity and new solutions, growth happens during hard times. Rather than play a rigged game, break the rules and find a better way.