Monday, December 17, 2018

We must apply, we must do.


A friend asked me what good books I've read this year and the answer is none. You see, I'm a natural reader. I grew up reading a lot of books. My dad would take me to the library and I'd collect a whole sack of books. Read them quickly and then bug dad to bring me back for more. Even a couple years ago (after I learned techniques on digesting books more efficiently), I read over a hundred books that year.

But this year I went on a book reading diet. Bruce sums it up pretty well. Knowledge in itself isn't valuable. Having the ability (discipline in many cases) to act on that knowledge makes it valuable. Its a little bit both of knowing and doing and good balance is necessary. Doing should naturally incite a need for knowing more and knowing should trigger a need to act. Since I've traditionally leaned on the side of digesting lots of information and then not doing anything with that info, I've decided that I would read 0 books this year. I still write down good book recommendations for later. But this year, and probably next year as well, will be dedicated to doing. Done.