Sunday, December 16, 2018

Are You Holding Back?

One of the great tests of passion is to ask yourself if you are holding back. Are you trying to do less work at your job? Are you trying to get out of writing an essay at school? When it is work we don't want to do, we've been trained to hold back. If we give too much effort they will just ask for more.

However, when you are doing something you love, when you are creating art, you no longer hold back. You ask how you can do more. You get disappointed when you have to put your brush down at the days end. You forget to eat lunch since you were so caught up in learning to strum a new song.

You can still be passionate at a job. I've been. There were times that I put in work to build a feature on the weekend that was work related. It wasn't to get ahead, I didn't bother to tell anyone, I just was having fun and I was learning. Of course at the same job I did lose that passion later on.

Asking myself if I am giving it my all is a great test for me to decide if I should continue doing the thing. It works out nicely because if I'm not into that job, I'll probably end up mediocre and stuck down the line anyway. Arguably, being good is a prerequisite for happiness. Even if it is a nice job, I'm better off doing something I'm willing to be my best at. In the long run I'll win.