Saturday, November 3, 2018

You are the Average

Everything is contagious. As human beings, we naturally draw our worldviews from around us. We become the average of the 5 people we are around the most. If they are fat, we will be. If they are rich, we will be. If they are sad, we will be too. The opposite is true as well.

In order for us to change our state, we can focus on changing ourselves or our environment. If we just focus on ourselves, we need to take into consideration this rule of averages. If all 5 people (for whatever metric you chose) are below you. Then they could be pulling you down and you would be fighting significant resistance. Its possible that you are strong enough to pull them up, but more likely than not you will be unable to overcome the resistance.

Instead if you find the group of people you aspire to be like, they would pull you up to their level. Its more likely you get pulled up to them vs the opposite because you want to be there.

The real world is much more messy than this. I'm not saying to find new friends but I am saying to think about how the people around you are affecting you and which way the gravitational forces are pulling. Who in your group is the stubborn one, unwilling to change their ways, having a negative impact on the rest? Who is the high achiever spreading positivity and encouraging others? Who outside your group, who is someone or has something you want, might you want to spend more time with?