Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Watches Are Not For Telling the Time

We no longer need watches to tell the time. All of us carry a computer in our pocket everywhere we go. So why haven't they gone the way of calculators and point and shoot cameras? What are watches for?

If you are buying a watch today you should be honest with yourself what it is for. It will help you make a much better purchase decision. Its not to tell the time. (Yes, it might be slightly more polite to glance at your wrist during a business meeting or date rather than pulling out your phone but that's not the major reason). The major reason you get a watch is to tell OTHERS something about YOU. Its a signalling device.

What's a signalling device? Human's are very tribal. We create relationships and trust based on people who are within our tribe. Tribes can be based on almost anything. Maybe its the after work drinking crew, or maybe something more general like people who are into fitness. There is a special bond we have with those that are part of our tribe: "one of us!". But in order to find others who are part of our tribe our let others know we are one of them, we need ways to signal it. If you are are into fitness, a signal might be your yoga pants or your bulging muscles. If you like a certain band or sports team, you might wear their t-shirt or hat. Simon Sinek jokingly said that someone with an MacBook would never have a dirty Apple logo. It is always polished clean. There's underlying truth to it. Having an Apple product is like other luxury products and definitely a way of signalling (you don't need a $2000 laptop to do word processing 😁). 

So let's go back to watches. I had a friend who told me that I should get a Rolex because it could actually be an investment that made me money. I scoffed at the time of how ridiculous it sounded but looking back, I think for the right person it this could be true (think a business man in an industry where appearances matter a lot). So it's a signalling device. If you buy one you might ask yourself: What do you believe? What do you want others believe about you? Who do you want to attract?

Fyi at this time I don't own a watch. Maybe that's a way to signal too...