Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Starbucks Sells Consistency

I'm sitting here writing in a Starbucks, its the 3rd cafe stop Ive had today. The first stop was a trendy local coffee shop. No one was really working in it though, and it wasn't really set up to work on my laptop (small tables and not really room to spread around) so I mostly consumed stuff on my phone. Then I went to a chill cafe next to the river. A great place to relax but the wifi was shoddy and the seats were laid back, not at a good angle to work. So I just chilled out and relaxed. So finally I decided to seek out this Starbucks. I paid twice as much for my drink as the second place and 1.5x the first place. But There's plenty of room to spread out,  large desks to work on. There's other people with books doing work as well so its work friendly. Its clean and the wifi is as good as can be.

I mention this because in general I usually try to avoid Starbucks as it represents capitalism and average coffee. But in this case I seek it out specifically because of the brand. With their brand I know what I am getting and that's so valuable for me when I need to find a place to work. I reliably know exactly what I am getting and that's worth the extra cost for me.

I remember a saying about McDonalds. No one goes to a McDonalds knowing they will get a super delicious burger. Infact, most people would claim that the themselves could make a much better burger than mcdonalds. But whats special about McDonalds isn't the quality of their burger but the fact that it is incredibly consistent. You can go to any country in the world and know what to expect at the McDonalds.

And that consistency is valuable. Starbucks got me to purchase a coffee today even though I know its an average coffee and even though I specifically make it a point to seek out local coffee houses and not Starbucks. I bought their consistency and not their coffee.