Monday, November 5, 2018

Blogging is Not for Other People

I was listening to Seth Godin on the 1% better podcast and although Seth is not big on giving specific tactics (like what his morning ritual is or what his habits are). He did relent and give what he thinks is the single most valuable, actional thing someone can do to improve themselves: blog every day for 1 month. Every day, make a prediction or give some advice. That way, you will notice things in the world and make better predictions and give better advice over time. When facing the argument "the world doesn't need the another blog", he brilliantly agreed and pointed out that the blog is not for other people. It doesn't matter if you share it with anyone. It doesn't matter if you use a pseudonym. "The world doesn't need more people to run the Boston marathon. But you should run anyhow".

My advice for today is passing on the one from Seth: blog everyday. Not because you will get rich or famous. Not because anyone will actually read your blog. But, similar to running, because it will have a profound impact on yourself.