Sunday, October 21, 2018

Positive Triggers

Haven't written in ages. I think the reason is perfection is the enemy of doing anything. I want to write, but I want to write something brilliant. Thus, I end up doing nothing because the combination of those two things is hard and that causes stagnation. However, writing itself is easy. Sometimes what comes out is good. Sometimes its terrible. But I don't even have a chance at the brilliant if I don't do it at all. So here I go again.

I just read a blog on triggers and cycles by Seth Godin. To summarize: a trigger prompts us into action and causes cycles that last much longer

If you want to go deep into triggers, cycles and habits check out this book

But this should work in reverse as well. Setting up a positive trigger should set off a positive cycle. Maybe you do a pull up every time you walk through a doorway. Maybe you write a blog post first thing in the morning.

We know that the hardest part is starting but once we get past that part we usually do more. The cycle continues on its own momentum. That pull up might lead to more. And then some push-ups and squats. That single blog post and trigger the start of a sequence of posts, or maybe the start to a short story or book.

Eliminate negative triggers (remove Twitter from your homescreen, hide the remote). Set up positive triggers (put that guitar in between you and the couch, setup your homepage to your blog).