Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Having More Time May Not Be the Answer

There's a new drug that doubles the life of worms. There is potential that it might one day be used to prevent aging in humans. Amazing. We would double the amount of things we could accomplish right?

Probably not. I have to think though that this might not change things for the average human.

Let me give an example. The retirement age today is 65. Why is it 65? Well it's really just made up. What happens if we double a humans lifespan (let's say average is 80 and now it's 160 years). Will we still retire at 65 and then have so much extra time to enjoy our retirement? Probably not because we won't feel like we have the money to do so.

So we would probably push retirement to 130 years. My guess is that we live longer, but probably wouldn't live differently than we do now. Also since we have more time to do things, most people would value their time less. We have plenty of time to get to it we'd tell ourselves that middle period where we work probably just expands to fill the gap.
Retirement is just one example. But think of that book you want to write, or the language you want to learn, or that trip you want to take across the world. Is it living in "someday"? If it is it probably still will be regardless of how much time is given.

Things expand to fill the gap. If we give ourselves X time to accomplish something we will probably take that long.

But there would be a group of people whose lives this would significantly change. Its likely that those people are the ones who are doing things now, the ones who are not filling the gap waiting, but rather acting boldly.