Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Your Sugar, Yes Please

Often times when offered a sweet, I kindly decline and say something like "No thanks, I don't have a sweet tooth" or "I don't eat sugar". This is the truth, however it masks a little of the important details. Yes its true I don't have a sweet tooth and yes its true that my body is less inclined to have sugar cravings. But this isn't because I am naturally like that. The real reason is because I made myself that way. I made a decision to not eat sugar.

Human beings (as well as other animals) are highly adaptable in terms of their diet. Its no surprise that people today tend to eat things that grew abundantly around where they inhabit. If you are near a coast or on an island you probably eat a lot of seafood. If you are in the desert, maybe you learned to eat cactus. Nowadays due to ease of transportation we have more food options and can eat things not found locally.

So we are very adaptive in what food we eat, the food itself has adapted a lot. Much of the food we eat nowadays is not natural. Soda for example is not found out in the wild. A person or company decided to create this concoction and market it worldwide. Over time soda is now culturally accepted as a normal food item for most people. Go to any party today and its a likely beverage choice. But remember that its all man made, made and sold. Sugar (fructose) itself is found in natural growing fruits, but soda is far removed from it.

And because us humans are so adaptive, and even more because some of our options are man-made by businesses that may not have our best interests in mind, we can and should adapt. We are not at the whim of our cravings if we don't want to be. What you eat is not naturally given, its a choice. Not deciding or not caring is also a choice. I've made a choice to prioritize my health over my cravings and my body (and resulting food choices) are changed because of it. My younger self used to eat a lot of simple carbs and drink a lot of soda, but as I learned more and more about food I made decisions to change. Now I don't need to spend any energy resisting these cravings because its a habit. Its just who I am.

But its not who you have to be. I don't hate on other people's decisions. I encourage people to decide for themselves. I remember not too long ago we had a soda tax local proposition. Although I don't care to drink soda and wouldn't mind if it disappeared off the earth. I had to vote no (don't tax) because I respect people's rights to decide for themselves. I think there are better solutions (education) to get people to take care of their bodies.

We often forget, and especially when it comes to food, that we are in control. Each meal is a decision we make.  If you accept the default that is a decision that you have made.