Sunday, May 20, 2018

You Need A Review Process Along With Your Goals

So you've thought long and hard about your goals. And you've even taken a big step in writing them down. That's great. But its not enough. The next thing that you must do is consider where to put them. You have to figure out a plan on how you are going to remind yourself of your goals. Most people think about their goals and some even write them down. But a lot of those people end up keeping that list in their desk drawer or maybe its Google docs now a days, and end up never looking at them again. So that'ts what I want to remind you about today. To think carefully about how to remind yourself of your goals. Here's my current process.

I have different time periods for different goals. A long term view and a near term one. My daily todo list doubles for a review of the current day. I put in time to do reviews at different interviews. My strategy is I schedule a time when I am nearly always free (Sunday Evenings) to do a weekly rundown. I actually schedule this into my Google Calendar. Here I'll review my schedule for the week and set my weekly goals. I have my long term goals written down at the top of a note and the previous months goals. In order to set weekly goals I have to look at my monthly goals. And I set my monthly goals on the last day of the month. To set those I consult my long term goals.

I personally use Google Keep to track this. I keep my goal list as my first note so its easy to see. Since I use it for all my note taking and my todo list, I see it multiple times a day.

At each goal review I make sure I write. I write down the progress I've made and what changes I'm making and what specific thing I want to get done that week.

Thats it, its pretty simple. It doesn't have to be complicated, but I'd urge you to actually think about your process for tracking and reviewing your goals. Maybe you can write that process down. And if you do... make sure you review it.