Monday, May 7, 2018

Work for Someone Else

Looking to join a big company or small company? Every company is different but I think another way to put this is: what do you think about structure, stability, and higher pay versus freedom and flexibility and less beauracracy. I personally prefer the later but your answer heavily depends on your appetite for risk and what skillet you want to learn.

For the budding indie hacker, I would say that joining a small startup to learn business process is a great way to learn and build up your runway. Before starting your own business, it may be valuable to work for someone else's. You will likely be hiring employees in the future so it's a good idea to experience being one. To understand the motivation and the day to day.

At the same time if you have your entrepeneureal hat on you will find so many business ideas. Each time you run into a process or a tool that could be better, it is a problem waiting to be solved. Take note. You may run into multiple problems every day. Obviously you will need to validate the idea and see if it makes sense for a business, but being exposed to real problems is the best way to come up with ideas. You shouldn't come up with business ideas in isolation.

Joining a business doesn't mean giving up on your entrepreneurial dream. If you have the right mindset it can be a great opportunity to safely learn skills, generate ideas, and build up the bank account.