Thursday, May 31, 2018

Month Of Blogging Complete

Here it is, my last blog post for this month. Completing a goal I had of writing every single day of the month (and most of last month). Well, technically I didn't write every single day since I missed one day and made it up. But at least I have one post for every day of the month.

This Wednesday's episode (the final of season 1 QA - its so good go listen) of Akimbo by Seth Godin summarized my motivations perfectly. Someone asked Godin how he gets his ideas. His response was that all famous creator's early work wasn't really that good. The secret is to begin. By doing so you change your state. You get better by putting in the work. The early work won't be good but the process of iterating, putting in mindshare, makes it better. And it starts with deciding you will do it, even in the face of the risk that it won't work.

The second part of it was fighting the resistance (originally coined in The War Of Art, Steve Pressfield). When you decide to do the work over and over, the resistance gets out of the way.

That second part is my primary motivation. The type of person I want to be. The being tired of procrastinating on my goals. I don't want to be a famous writer or even have a large audience. But I do choose to develop my thoughts and insights of how I want to view the world. And I certainly want to get shit done and achieve my dreams. So I'll keep writing, keep working, keep getting better. Everyday I'll be writing, but I'll probably work on more long form posts so I might not be posting every day. But trust that I'll be putting in the work.