Thursday, May 3, 2018


When I was a year out of college I took a job at a company working for a year. That company ended up getting acquired by a larger company. I didn't like it there so I just quit. Just like that. Sounds like an easy decision looking back. But I think at the time I was making more money than I was every making and I was worried about how it would affect my career and if I would ever get a job again and whatever other thing people worry about. I didn't wait for working there a year (to look good for future employers). Looking back I'm so glad I did. Time is precious and of course I would quickly find a different path. I also took an amazing trip through Europe in between.

My next job was pretty amazing. I really enjoyed it specifically because of the mentors I had there. I would consider this a slipstream where I gained vast amounts of engineering knowledge in such a short time. I would hang out after hours with coworkers an we'd talk about everything. Sometimes technical sometimes not. It was amazing. However there was a change in management and I was soon laid off. At the time I was a bit sad. But looking back again. I am so thankful.

It lead me to my third job where I stayed for 6 years working on all different teams and taking more and more responsibility. At the same time the company was doubling every year and times were really exciting. It was also incredibly fun. Towards the end however I had to call it quits because I knew it was time for me to move on. This time however it was really easy for me to make a decision. Thank god that I've been through multiple times of being away from a job  and always willing myself to a better outcome.

Some freelancers may think this is no big deal because they are always in the lookout for jobs and thus are not nervous or scared of the job safety net. However, I think there are a lot of salaried workers who have never been out of a job and are scared to death. Getting through though times is a actually a really good thing. It makes you anti-fragile because you will have built the skills you need to get a job. You may have had to improve your networking, interviewing, or technical skills. Getting through those times will give you true confidence of being able to leave your job at any time. Freelancing is the ultimate anti-fragility because you are doing this over and over.

I remember this video interview of a Game of Thrones actor saying that he was at a dead end job in data entry but was afraid to leave because he didn't know if life would get better job. He eventually hit rock bottom and left and decided to be an actor. I think there are a lot of people in salaried jobs who are miserable but afraid that there isn't anything better waiting for them.

You need to go through tough times to get better. To become antifragile. You can't do so from your cushy box. At the time I didn't realize it but I'm thankful for the times that I was forced to jump. I'm also proud of the times I did so on my own accord and look forward to taking them in the future.