Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Job Stress

Not long ago one of my friends quit his job. He wanted to take a long vacation to get away. I was invited but had to decline. I'm excited about what I am doing now and don't want to get away. In fact, I'd like to stay and work.

The proposed get away was an all inclusive resort get-away where we wouldn't have to think about anything. I actually don't like these kinds of vacations. I prefer to do work and not stay at a hotel and eat too much and get drunk. During my latest traveling I took it on myself to actively learn Mandarin and multi-day treks. I'm not seeking comfort, instead adventure and personal growth. However, I know the feeling. When you are overworked and over-stressed, this is the type of thing that might appeal to you. When I quite my job, I did in fact go and de-stress at a beach.

People forget to count destressing as a cost to their job. I remember when I used to have a job, doing some destressing on Sunday evenings in preparation for the week. I also remember going on getaways like these. These can be counted as part of the cost of the job because I wouldn't need them if I didn't have the job. I wouldn't have anything to get away from. Not to mention the damage to your body from those that stress and those that turn to drugs and alcohol.

When you take away stressors from your life, you are not looking to be mindless. Instead you crave meaningful work. I remember a study done with rats where when given a poor environment, they would keep hitting the drug lever to get wasted. However when their environment had plenty of cool toys and cool gym, they actually avoided the drug lever. Not all jobs are equal but some of them are poor environments; stressful and toxic.

I'm happy my friend quit his job and fully supportive. I'll probably see him a lot more since we are both unemployed. However I'm not going on the get wasted / get away retreat since I don't need it. I love my work.