Thursday, May 17, 2018


Is there value in having new and exciting, different experiences? Is that in itself important? Is how we experience life important? My guess is that everyone would say yes, yes, yes to these questions. But I was thinking that what we say and what we do might be different.

Going back to the concept of slipstreams, if you do the same thing over and over again you actually speed up (which is they same as shortening) your life because you experience less. The time frame of that experience gets compressed. That's when you go to work at 22 and one day wake and you are 40 and you can't remember where all that time went.

If you aren't progressing at your job. If you aren't learning or experiencing something different then you should do something different now. I was debating with myself of the argument: yes, maybe you are stagnant and what if you really love your job? Then is okay to stay? Well.. yes I guess, but keep in mind that if you do, you have accepted complacency and the end of your life (at least as it relates to your job). What do I mean by end of job life? I mean that even though you might still have plenty of years to work, since you won't have any further change in experience, its really just one long single experience.. and that (long) experience is the last one you will have.

Ok, I know all of this is a bit theoretical and a bit nutty. No-one actually has the EXACT same experience everyday and even if they did, and enjoyed it, maybe that could be considered a good life. But that goes back to my initial question of is experience in itself valuable. If it is then we owe it to ourselves of seeking new and exciting, different experiences.

One of the main reasons people become stagnant and don't change is because they get comfortable and used to the habits and routines. Job-wise they become dependent on their salary and the safety it provides. Is this a problem or not? Is it solvable? I'd say so. There are plenty of people who have thought out-of-the box and constructed their lives differently than the default. If you want to know how, all you have to do is search.