Sunday, May 6, 2018

Cleaning Out My Closet

I'm doing some more minimalism. This time cleaning out my closet. My technique for doing so is to wear everything. I will wear each piece of clothes once and after I do a load of laundry. Leave them out instead of returning them to drawers. Thus I am forced to wear everything. If there is a piece of clothes that I am not willing to wear or possibly not fit right or ripped or whatever, then I will donate it or toss it. A major purpose of this is to take inventory of what I have. Then I'll know what I need to buy. I don't know how many times I've bought similar items that I already own.

This will also let me wear a bunch of stuff that I forgot that I've owned. Not counting general tidying and having less stuff in general.

A co-worker of mine originally introduced me to this concept. You start with all your clothes hangers towards the left.  You slide it over to the right after you wear it. At the end you are left with all the things you are not willing to wear.

Again, not everyone should minimize. Some people feel more free when they have less stuff and feel like decluttering their stuff, declutters their mind. I have a friend of mine who doesnt care for it: he is worried if he will end up needing the item later. But if you are looking to decluttrr, this is a pretty good system of sorting out your clothes.