Thursday, May 24, 2018

Better Than Yesterday

Its such a simple question: are you better today than yesterday? If you can answer yes to this every single day then you will be successful. Its harder to answer than not because there are negative forces pulling us back, making us worse. If you don't do anything you are worse than you were yesterday.

If you decide to take today off on you workout (and assuming its not because you are letting your muscles recover from yesterday's workout) then you are weaker than yesterday. Your body, muscular and cardiovascular, gets weaker by the day if not being put to work.

Some of us may have gotten stuck in a routine where we go to work and have become stagnant. We don't come out of work better. Sure maybe we make a little more money and our financial health is getting a little bit better. But in all, this could be considered a net loss, considering the opportunity cost of what you could be doing. And, if you are not learning, as well as let the stress take a toll on your body, and creating miserable experiences, its a big net loss. Don't forget your mind will atrophy as well. It works like a muscle and if you don't constantly use it, it will deteriorate.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but it also didn't fall apart in a day. If you skipped a workout or didn't learn anything one day, it doesn't mean anything. In fact, if you went to the gym and worked out really hard one day you wouldn't notice it in the mirror. If you did it 5 days in a row, you also would not notice it. Its the constant day by day, month by month effort that is needed to see growth. And that works in reverse as well. You cheat too many days and the results will be obvious down the line.

Make today better than yesterday. Put in the work. I promise you, the results are waiting for you.