Friday, May 18, 2018

Be Selective

Do you love watching movies? Yes me too. I used to watch them all the time. I remember a friend of mine use to have a binder full of copied movies from friends who had previously rented them from blockbuster and ripped them. Every time we met we'd watch a new movie.

Then there was Amazon Prime and NetFlix. Whenever I was bored I would flip through and find something to watch. Even when there was nothing really that interested us we'd find something and watch it anyway. Same for the movie theaters. If we were bored, the default was to watch a movie.

Now there's nothing wrong with watching a movie, but I look back and look at all the wasted time. All the hours spent watching these movies that weren't really good. Not to mention all the money going to those expensive movie tickets. The movie watching was really just there to fill in the space of being bored. Looking back I just wish I was a bit more selective with my time. 1-2 hours is a lot of time to waste.

With the advent of digital streaming, its too easy to waste away hours of your time, consuming media that you really aren't that interested in. Its like you have a NetFlix subscription so you feel like it would be wasted if you didn't watch anything. So you look around for something that looks half decent and waste your 2 hours. Life is too short to not be selective about how we use our time.

This doesn't just apply to movies. This is everything. I mention movies since that was my default time waster back in the day. I still watch movies and I still go to the theater every so often, the difference is that I am much more selective. Maybe your default time filler is social media or books or YouTube. Whatever it is just make sure that you are being selective.