Sunday, April 1, 2018

You Deserve It

Don't do something unless you feel like it. Wait until you feel motivated. It will happen someday. Someday you will be successful. I'm sure of it. Take the sure path, the one that the majority is on. There is wisdom in the crowd and if you fail you won't be alone.

Eat whatever food you feel like. Life is short. Why not satisfy your cravings? Feeding your taste is your priority. I'm sure there will be a miracle drug or special diet that can easily reduce any ill affects down the line.

Buy the latest gadget or designer item. This will make you seem interesting, cool, successful to others. I'm sure everyone is paying close attention. These items increase your self esteem and you feel good about yourself. There's nothing wrong with that.

At work, if something goes wrong, it must be someone else's fault. Your coworkers have plenty of faults you can find. If someone you manage fails, it is because they failed. You did your part, so its not your fault.

Feel sorry for yourself. You weren't born beautiful. Your parents weren't rich. Some people got really lucky with success. They got successful on a mobile application or got gifted a promotion. I'm sure it was luck since you never saw them work hard. You never can catch a break in life.

Take a break today. You can work hard tomorrow. You deserve it. There will always be more time.