Monday, April 23, 2018

What Are Your April 23rd Resolutions?

How are those new years resolutions going? If you are in the majority, you would have given up for a months now. The ones who are still trucking along, good for you! For the rest of you I want to give you an opportunity to re-up your commitment that you made to yourself. The ones you made 4 months ago.

It's OK to fail and recommit. Failing itself is not true failure. The true failure is giving up. I want to encourage you to recommit. If you do this you will build the habit of not giving up. If you fail and recommit over and over again on your deathbed, I'd consider that a success. Just don't give up.

Do not wait until the new year to recommit. If you wait until then you lose that much time, as well as the work you already put in. Today is April 23, so make an April 23 resolution instead of a January 1 resolution (well it's not like I have any daily readership so make a resolution for the day you read this).

Waiting for January 1 is a big mistake. Whenever I hear of people making new years resolutions I know that they will not succeed. Why? Because you have to ask the question: why you are waiting for that day to get started? A true decision means to cut off other possibilities. If you want to quit smoking but will only do so after the calendar flips then you are not truly committed. So if you are waiting for a certain day to get started, without a proper reason, you are not really committed. Don't wait until that date, get started today

Forget about your past failures. Make a commitment today if you haven't already. Recommit to those failed new years resolution today. The calendar has nothing to do with this.