Sunday, April 8, 2018

Move Your goals Down The Pyramid

Its important to get yourself to the point where you are doing the things that you want to do every single day. You can't take any days off. Why? Because your attitude is different for things that you must do as opposed to the things that you kind of want to do when it is convenient. Lets take a step down Maslow's pyramid. Let's see, at the bottom we have breathing, food, water. Those things are pretty important to you right? You would do them every day even if you didn't really feel like it. Yes yes, for the most part don't have a choice because our physiological system will make you feel it if you don't do these things.

But that's the same way you should approach your goals. If exercise is a priority to you then move it down the pyramid. Just like breathing, you should treat it like you are automatically going to do it every single day. If you don't do it you should feel it. You should feel hurt. Feel disappointed in yourself. You can even set up systems to make it hurt. But that's the attitude you need to have for the things that you really want. If starting that business or getting into that college means the world to you, then it really is just like eating, you will die if you don't do it. Thus you need to treat it that way. If you can't treat it with that much importance, then its a good sign that you don't really want that thing: in that case, life is too short to be chasing things you don't really care about.

When you move things down the pyramid, the you can treat them (and yourself) with a new kind of respect. You can confidently delay requests for your time: "Sorry, I had blocked off that time to (do that thing which is on the line of eating and breating), after I'm done I can help you." You can do this because you've properly set the priority and you know that you MUST do this: its not an option.

Obviously you have to be judicious about what you pick to put there at the bottom of your pyramid. If you pick everything, then you picked nothing. You made no true decision. You must reserve that special place for the thing that is so special to you. You already know what that is.

If you want a special result in something you have to treat it differently. And one of the ways to do that is to put it in the same category as the things you can't live without. That lies at the bottom of your Needs Pyramid.