Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday Fallback Routines

I had a pretty tough day today. I was attempting to do some development work but kept being distracted and had a tough time concentrating. I ran into a ton snags. Some tasks that I had thought were going to be really simple ended up taking a much longer time than expected. In retrospect this isn't bad at all and very expected when coding. However when your expectations are that it is easy and it ends up being hard, it feels like I am behind and didn't get much done.

For those tough days its good to have a fallback. Mine is working out. If I ever feel down in any other area of my life: work is tough, have trouble with a goal, arguments with friends), I can always count on my workout to bring me back into the right mental state. I just finished my workout, pushing myself a bit and I feel good. I don't worry about the issues and stress I had in today's earlier coding session. I can at least say "at least I'm keeping my body in shape and getting stronger." Its great to have this fallback.

Yours may not be working out but maybe you get energy and confidence from some other activity like reading or talking to someone or cleaning or a sport. Its nice to have something as a go to when you have a tough Monday. What do I do if I start slipping on my workouts? I don't know, its never happened and I don't intend to find out.