Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Entrepreneur's Block

Quoting Seth Godin again, "A plumber doesn't get plumbers block, they just do the work". This was actually true for me as well when I was working as a software engineer. There wasn't a day that I didn't push the ball forward. Why? Because it was my job. (yes, I enjoyed a lot of it too and there were plenty of times I pushed the ball even when I was off the job and noone knew, but mainly because it simply was my job). I didn't have trouble with it, sure I got stuck, but I worked through it.

Now that I don't have a job I get to write code for myself (and potential customers), the writer's block is at it again. I've felt the stuckness of not being sure what to work on. Because I've studied this problem before I understand what is going on. I have to break myself out of the mental block and will myself forward.

It seems as you get more and more creative license, the more this writer's block is at work. If you are a low level worker at a call center. You pick up the phone and help the customer. You don't have the freedom in choosing what to do. You may even have a pre written script. As a software engineer you get a little more creative freedom. Although the projects use cases are defined, you have a large say in how the system gets built. But when you are an entrepreneur, especially one starting out without any customers, noone is telling you what to do. You can really do anything. Well, almost anything. And because you have so much freedom, you have so much opportunity for decision deadlock and procrastination because you want to be perfect.

The solution is the same. Treat it like it is your job, and do the work. You must do the work and ship. Progress doesn't happen any other way.