Sunday, April 29, 2018

Change The Course

I'm thinking back to a central theme in Slipstream Time Hacking. The idea is that if you move faster (which slows time) and experience more things, you can actually live out more lifetimes (not literally, more in perception). Whereas if you do the same thing over and over again your time speeds up and you wake up one day and wonder what you did for the last decade.

It does have an implication that if you don't experience things differently than you might as well be dead. I don't agree with this because even if you lived the same life your perception at a later age would be different than at a younger age. And if you are quite happy and content with your life then why not keep doing it.

Maybe this is really pointing to the people who are unhappy with their current life or at least a part of it that they wish they could change. But they don't because they are afraid or lazy and life just goes by.

If you are unhappy with today you need to change it today. Otherwise the cycle continues. They key is to make sure that today is different than yesterday. You need to adjust the path. As Slipstream Time Hacking suggests, little changes are good but huge massive change is way better.

And thus we need to actively pursue wormholes, opportunities to 10x the journey. We can't wait for them to appear. Good things happen to those that seize the opportunity. Please don't have Groundhog's Day day, everyday.