Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Meandering Around the Goal Approach

There's many different ways to get to doing what you love, depending on what trade-offs you'd like to make on the way and your tolerance for risk. I'll compare two main ones.

People who go straight into what they love to do. Instead of meandering around, just jump into doing the thing you love to do.  If you do this, ideally a  couple things might happen. 1) You might find that its not really what you wanted to do and change. This shouldn't be considered a failure but instead be valuable information that you should be glad to have acquired. Then you can move on to step 2. 2) You find that you love what you are doing. Good. You are on the right track. Keep going.

From here you will run into an endless amount of obstacles. Remember that the obstacle is the way. One of these obstacles will probably be that you don't have money to continue chasing your goal. You can solve this in two major ways: 1) you can find a way where you can do the thing you want to do and get paid for it. 2) You can go get a job to pay for it. You rinse and repeat for each obstacle gaining resilience and adding more ability and money as you go.

The benefit of this approach is that you don't waste money doing things you don't love. Even if you got a job that you didn't like in order to raise money, it would be for the purpose of moving towards your goal.

The alternative is to go the more traditional path and find a well paying job that you enjoy. From there you can save enough money until you can switch to the thing you love. This way is a bit more "safe". You will build a skillset that is valuable, that you can fall back on if needed,  but it can cost you a lot of time (and happiness during that time). Also, there are many pitfalls that lead us astray here; many people never exit this "rat race".

Derek Sivers took the first approach. He said that he was going to be a musician and built his life towards that. He wasn't expecting to every live a traditional life and expected to not make much money. Eventually him following his passion led him to stumble into building quite a nice business.

I took the second approach. I took all the exams and tests and courses. Then I worked hard to increase my work experience and earning potential.. until I felt like I had enough. And now I can switch to working on projects that I enjoy without worry. But, I think back and wonder what life would be like if I had to courage to go for it from the start. Trade-offs indeed.