Thursday, March 29, 2018

Learn Mandarin With YouTube

I love the idea of scratching my own itch. Not literally. I mean that's good too. But I mean for coming up with product ideas. The best way to get a product idea is to solve a real problem. That means talking to people and paying attention to problems you encounter. However, you are a person too and you happen to know yourself very well. So one good way to create a product is to build a product that you would use. That way, even if no-one else uses your product, you will always have a happy user count of 1. But more likely than not, you are not alone with your problem and there will be others that would love it as well.

Today I released a chrome extension of Learn Mandarin With YouTube. I'm learning Mandarin Chinese but don't really want to do so reading typical language books. I'd be nice if I could do it while watching content of my choosing. That way I stay motivated and it isn't a chore, its just enjoying what I would watch anyway.

I'm keeping on the lean startup method so I'm doing fast prototype and releases. It took me two weeks end to end to develop. It was done pretty fast so there are certainly more features to be had. But besides any major bug fixes, I won't plan on adding anything (unless its a feature I really end up wanting for myself as I use it more), unless users request it. That's the plan, solve problems and put things out into the world. No long dev-cycles keeps things fast and fun.