Sunday, March 25, 2018

Buy What's Best

Apple laptops and phones are considered today the best phones and laptops that you can buy. They branded themselves as a premium high end luxury brand. If you want the best laptop or phone, you don't even need to think about it, you just go to Apple and buy the latest product offering.

Except, its not true that Apple has the best products. Well, its an opinion and it depends how you judge "best". If you compare Apple laptops with their competitors products, Apple has the best display resolution and brighter display. But in the other metrics such as battery life, weight, and hard drive size, it was worse. Also, the price for the Apple product is a bit higher. 

But the point about talking about the specs is to point out that they don't have to matter. The point was to dig into why people buy products. With the Apple brand, you get the confidence that you are buying a solid, top of the line product that is beautiful, as well as it is sold by a company that believes in pushing design and changing the world. And that happiness, being part of that group of forward thinkers, is a good reason to buy Apple.

To the same degree, someone else can look at a competitor and say, wow, this laptop is lighter, and has a better processor than the MacBook Pro. Those other people are idiots, this is a way better product for my money.

Neither of the viewpoints is wrong. Whether that would be to fork over the money for that "Apple eliteness" feeling or fork over the money for that "best specs at this price point" feeling;
Both people have chosen their definition of what is "best" and both products (or product marketers I should say) have sold those people on that product's bestness.