Monday, March 19, 2018

Apply First

Elon Musk created his own school because he said that school is backwards. The traditional way of learning about tools is to have a class that teaches you what a hammer is and all its uses, then a wrench and its uses, a screwdriver, etc.. It might have some projects using these tools, but the focal point is really about learning about the tools. Elon said that the way it should work is there would be an engine and in order to take apart the engine you would need a screwdriver for a certain part, a wrench for a different part, and from there you can use it and understand the tool. School should be project or goal oriented and the learning should supplement that rather than be the goal itself.

I think this is a good lesson for learning anything. If you want to learn programming, don't just pick up a book on Python and read through it. Instead, think of what you want to build first and then go and try to build it. Let the project drive the learning. You'll get stuck in different places and need to research solutions to solve it. This will ensure you have a proper amount of building and learning and you'll have fun and have a completed project to show for it. It keeps you learning efficiently since a much of the book is filler material that you would forget. The doing would reinforce the learning and increase the odds of retaining the information.

Don't just learn for learning's sake. Take it away Bruce.