Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Phone Home Screen and Habits

As James clear reminds us in this video, our environment effects our habits. He has an example of a group of scientists that just rearranged the setting of an office kitchen which accounted for a significant decrease in drinking soda. It turns out that the previous arrangement just offered more opportunities to drink soda. Many times the workers didn't actually want to drink soda, but they would grab one anyway since it was offered to them.

With all the talk about us getting distracted with our cellphones. How can we use this information for our benefit?

  • We could remove apps (such as social media) from the home screen so that it is offered less. If you really needed it you just need to swipe over and find the app but you'd be surprised.
  • We could put the apps that we want to use (language app, or writing app) on the home screen where we are more likely to see.
  • We can change settings on notifications (maybe app specific) so that we are less likely to get distracted.
  • If we are really serious we could uninstall time sink apps.
Anything else?