Monday, February 26, 2018

Millenials Are Alright

I really like the Millennial attitude. At least what I perceive to be the Millennial attitude based on my personal interactions with millennials. Millennial's are more inclined to not trust the old systems in place. Older folks might say "you must do A then B to get to C". But I think the Millennial's attitude these days is to try to get to C right away. When I was traveling I was amazed at how creative the young folks were. They were determined to continue their travels and would do all sorts of odd jobs or hitchhike or navigate hard to get to regions themselves. So much energy and not afraid to chase dreams. They grew up in a time where there is amazing opportunity and have learned to take advantage. Why wouldn't you go straight to C if the technology and opportunity changed to make it possible?

At the same time, because of the seemingly limitless opportunities around, I think its easy for them to get distracted. Too easy for them to get sucked in by the latest app or feel lonely from being connected but not really.  But that's okay, they are in a better mindset overall to take advantage of our new reality. I see them as more evolved to the new world than the older folks like myself. I think I have some outdated thoughts left around from the industrial age of my parents: go to a 4 year grad school, write a detailed business plan before starting, stay at a job, work hard and progress slowly each year and retire at 65. These ideas are probably on their way out and its this younger group that will recognize this first. Our world is moving fast, and we either adapt or get left in the dust. There's surely a lot to pick on about millennials, but rather than that, the smart crowd should be taking notes.