Saturday, February 24, 2018

Consistency is key

I was just listening to Tobias van Schneider on the Indie Hackers podcast (if you are an entrepreneur or want to get into it I so much recommend this podcast). In it he talks about building a big following to his mailing list. Although his content was good, he talks about how consistency is so important. He sent out a weekly email and if he even skipped one week it was almost like starting over because he'd notice a huge drop-off the next week. He said that his readers appreciated him taking the effort to show up every week. And because he did show up nearly each week, it kept the conversation going and his email list grew. Its like going to the gym;  going once every two weeks and doing a 6 hour intense workout is not as good as going every other day and just doing a 45 minute workout.

I had a good laugh when he said something like "oh some weeks I didn't feel it but I just started writing even if it is something like I'm writing now, oh here are some words." I'm not sure if he meant this literally and if he actually sent an email like that, but it was funny to hear because I know the feeling and yes I did literally write a post that way.

Hey, I don't get paid for this blog, I just do it mainly for fun. Sometimes there's going to be shit but I hope to sometimes stumble on some gold to share with myself and any readers out there. Tim Ferris once mentioned that the bad writing is required to get to the good stuff. Its just that most of the time you should throw the bad stuff.