Thursday, December 22, 2016

Jocko on Leadership

During his podcast Jocko reads his highlighted notes from The Armed Forces Officer. I've noticed that there isn't really much difference between military command and software engineering command. Leadership skill in different crafts are totally transferable. It also stands the test of time, this book was written such a long time ago but still has so many golden nuggets.


Qualities of leaders

These qualities are the epitome of strength not of softness. 
  1. Strong belief in human rights
  2. Respect for dignity in every other person
  3. The golden rule attitude (treat people 
  4. Interest in human welfare
  5. Dealing with every man as if he was a blood relative

13 pitfalls of a leader

  1. To attempt to setup your own standard of right and wrong 
  2. Try to measure the enjoyment of others by your own
  3. To expect uniformity of opinions in the world 
  4. To fail to make allowance for inexperience 
  5. To endeavor to mold all dispositions alike
  6. Not to yield on unimportant trifles
  7. To look for perfection in our own actions 
  8. To worry ourselves and others about what can't be remedied 
  9. Not to help everyone wherever, however, whenever 
  10. To consider impossible what we cannot do ourselves 
  11. To believe only what our finite minds can grasp
  12. Not to make allowances for the weakness of others
  13. To estimate by some outside quality when it is that within that makes the man

  • Don't make snap judgments of people 
  • The ones who talk moderately will receive the respect of others. Not the ones who brag.
  • The man who will not listen will never developed wits enough to differentiate between a bore and a sage and therefore cannot pick the best company 
  • Remember the little things like names, titles, etc.
  • Success means leisure and focusing on what is important. 
  • Lack of common purpose is main downfall of groups 
  • There are no bad teams, there are only bad leaders
  • A leader doesn't need to understand everything but need to know if something is being done right or wrong
  • Refuse kindly vs acquiesce in a bad manners
  • There is so much worthwhile in living dangerously. Risk nothing, gain nothing
  • What is the main test of human character? Being patient through tough circumstances. Can you push on?