Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Review and 2017 Goals

In the review a year ago I had dubbed 2016 as the Year of Learning. I had already fixed my finances and my body and heath were in good places. I had just gotten into a new role at my job. So I decided 2016 would be about rapid learning. The second major goal was to create passive income streams. The last goal was to continue learning language.

Here was what I had written down a year ago:


attempt 1 yoga session
studying mandarin.
Join a social group
Write an ebook
blogging on a weekly basis quota
Make $1 in passive income


on the same diet
exercise every 4 days workout routine + ankles
tracking expenses
not drinking alcohol


Spending so many hours working and not learning. Budget hours for learning new things.
Whining about your situation. Arguing with people. Complaining.

2016 Review

I did do a yoga session (2 in fact) in 2016. I thought it was okay, but it didn't leave me feeling like I got a good workout in so I stopped doing it. I think this is obvious, but I only have so much time and I need to be picky on what to spend it on. I'd rather do a weight or high intensity workout session.

I was studying mandarin at the beginning of the year but I think at one point I did a priorities check and decided that this wasn't the most important thing and gave it up. I'm not going to pick up a language without in person practicing so I'll save it for when I take a trip. I'm okay with this decision.

I didn't join a social group. I did gain new friends during the year and reconnected with some old ones but I'd really like to join one that connects me to a lot of new people and meets regularly. I'm thinking toastmasters could kill 2 birds here

I did a quick outline of the ebook just last month. I need to put myself on a quota. I don't need to go fast, just to make sure I keep going.

I did blog more than ever this year which is great. I did this by not worrying about what I put out there and just made sure I shipped. I started out with a post a week early in the year and then got stagnant in the middle of the year. November I wrote 13 posts which is awesome. I'd really want to do a daily post - some of them being very simple thoughts and some would be long form.

I have to say that my 'continue' has been great. I kept a shared google spreadsheet marking down every single day I did exercise and what I did. I did a consistent hard workout every 4 days through July and then from there even increased the frequency. I did a lot of hiking. I did my first muscle up ever and was able to do 3 in a row. The last I checked I could do 21 good form pullups.

I read 64 books this year with a new technique. By read I mean purposeful reading. This was great but like Tim Ferris mentioned, we get caught up in newness. I actually don't need to gain more knowledge, but I need to practice existing knowledge. So for next year there will be no book reading (which is also time consuming) but just rereading my notes.

I didn't make $1 in passive income and its sad that I keep ignoring this. Its hard to do and I'm going continue with this.

2016 notable events

Brother passed away on Christmas Eve. One of the saddest days of my life
I quit my job - a scary but major necessary life change
Company that I worked for was bought so I should expect a little cashout in 2017 from stocks
I did a ton of interview prep, got significantly better - got an offer, but decided to not go that direction.
started the habit of making my bed each morning
gained the habit of flossing every night
decluttered - got rid of almost everything I had, ready for moving out

2017 Goals

With that said I have dubbed 2017 The Age of Exploration. I have it set up that I will move out in January, which will ensure I do one more round of minimizing and decluttering. From there I will be doing some traveling until a wedding requires me to be back. I would think that the best plan is to work on my book during travel off times and minor project ideas. When I get back I can decided to explore more places or to focus on exploring new business careers. Regardless I am treading into new and scary territory but I'm going excitedly and without regrets


Work on a static muscle up.
working on the handstand
writing ebook on a regular schedule
$1 in passive income
adding ankle rehab training daily
waking up early (again)


blogging on a minimum weekly basis
Morning/Gratitude journal
expense tracking


watching sports
focus on the efficiency of the workout.