Thursday, November 3, 2016

I'll Trade You Your Happiness For $100

I was listening to an old Tim Ferris podcast with Tony Robbins as a guest. Robbins hit on a very thought provoking concept. The idea of viewing your happiness as something you own. 

Tony Robbins has hundreds of people working for him. What are the chances that at any given point someone is messing up something or doing something in a way that he wouldn't like. Its highly likely. Maybe near 100% of the time. He certainly has a right to be angry about one of his employees screwing up. But the way he puts it, if he were to do this he would be angry 100% of the time. That's no way to live life.

How much do you value your happiness? Your experience in life? Its precious isn't it? Your happiness is yours to keep and you should rightfully protect it. But its often not what we do. We give it away so cheaply. When someone cuts us off in traffic we get angry. If we get passed up for a promotion we feel miserable. But if you think of your happiness as something you need to protect, then you might consider otherwise. That person in traffic didn't pay us a cent, why should they deserve the privilege of affecting our mood? If I offered to buy your happiness for $10,000 would you give it to me? 

So then stop giving your happiness away for free. Its yours. You really do own it. Down the road you will have many opportunities to trade in your happiness for fear, anger, regret, worry, and sadness. Take a moment to think about if its worth the price.