Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I've noticed a pattern across a few notably successful people. When they are very interested in something they get into a flow and hyper-focus on it.

For example when Elon Musk got his first computer it came with a BASIC programming workbook. It it supposed to take 6 months to finish but he got OCD and spent the next 3 days coding straight and finished it.

Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, says that he doesn't have morning rituals because he gets so focused on what he does. For example, he spent 5 months, every waking hour programming SQL, only stopping an hour or two. After the project was over he hyper-focused on the next thing. When he started CD Baby he did almost nothing else but work on his company from 7am to midnight.

In addition he mentions that when people are asked about their general happiness, those who have been in the flow more often will report higher happiness.

Personally I've have always followed a to-do list style of approach where I would tick off 5-10 tasks a day. However, I'm going to really focus on doing just one thing, to put my self in an environment to experience flow more often and to stay in-tune with my interests and not stop myself from pursuing them.

I'm interested in seeing how this goes as opposed to my current busy (but possibly running in place?) schedule. So I'm going to do an experiment and for the next month I'll stay off the Trello board and all daily planning completely. Curious to see how it goes.