Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a tradition where we get together with loved ones and appreciate each other. Its a good time to reflect on our lives. We all have so much to be thankful for. I think it tends to be one of the most joyful holidays because (as the name implies) its kind of pushes you to practice gratitude. And as Tony Robbins puts it, as humans we are wired so that we cannot experience negative emotions like anger and sadness at the same time as experiencing gratitude. So in order to go through life happier and with more appreciation, in addition to doing some reflection on things we are grateful for during Thanksgiving, we should try to make it a daily habit.

This Thanksgiving I've decided to create a list of 100 things I am thankful for:

  1. Immediate and extended family including (Mom,Dad,Brother) as well as those cousins that I only see once a year.
  2. My friends that have had my back through thick and thin
  3. All the people that I have crossed paths with whether that might be a random conversation with a stranger or learning something from a coworker
  4. This laptop that I am writing on that is so reliable and still going strong and works so great after 7 years!
  5. My Nexus 5 phone with a crack in the screen
  6. The podcasts that I listen on it (particularly Jocko, Tim Ferris, Security Now)
  7. Google (and the internet)
  8. These Bose bluetooth headphones that were given to me from (as a gift even though I was not hired through them)
  9. Hiking up mission peak. I can walk from my parents house.
  10. Headspace (app), mindfulness, meditation
  11. Haeegandaz Ice cream
  12. Baking breakfast muffins with my mom
  13. A nice home cooked meal
  14. Coffee - this list isn't in order, but this would be high up there
  15. My amazing place in the heart of San Francisco
  16. Amazingly good health
  17. My latest job and everyone who contributed to my growth and development
  18. Myself being a minimalist simple person who needs very little to be happy - lots of credit to my parents for raising me this way
  19. Sports. Both playing and watching competition
  20. Assorted nuts (from Costco)
  21. My other bluetooth sports headphones that I can run with or take to the gym and not have to deal with wires
  22. Having the opportunity to take a 3 month South America trip
  23. Get togethers with friends
  24. Chicken wings
  25. Baths
  26. Going camping in the desert and getting away from it all
  27. Writing code (and being able to make a living on it)
  28. Design discussions with a particular coworker
  29. Not being perfect and having a bunch of failures but being able to bounce back
  30. YouTube - I know I already put Google but particular shout out
  31. Blogging
  32. The library
  33. Seth Godin - learned a lot from his ideas
  34. Hacker news
  35. Reading other peoples blogs
  36. Coding contests
  37. Slack (the chat service)
  38. Rock climbing
  39. Running
  40. A glass of wine
  41. That feeling of cool wind blowing against my skin
  42. A warm shower
  43. Believing that I am a badass
  44. Doing a pullup
  45. Chicken
  46. Intellij IDEA
  47. Trader Joes - particular one a couple blocks from my house
  48. Sparkling water
  49. Blueberries
  50. Music
  51. Sunny days, sunrises
  52. My camera - storing memories
  53. Wifi
  54. Beaches
  55. Electricity
  56. A made bed
  57. Life being hard, challenges
  58. Good eyesight
  59. My other senses (touch, smell, taste, hear)
  60. My thoughts
  61. Exercise
  62. Sunsets
  63. Anxiety
  64. The feeling of confidence
  65. Fear
  66. Pets - cats and dogs
  67. Women of all kind
  68. Fruits
  69. Electricity
  70. Fire
  71. A warm blanket
  72. Laughter
  73. Motivation
  74. Habits
  75. Smiling
  76. Laughing
  77. Crying
  78. Both good and bad things in life
  79. Nature
  80. Having a good conversation with someone
  81. All the memories that I have
  82. Helping others
  83. Receiving help from others
  84. The rain
  85. Puzzles
  86. Running shorts
  87. The feeling of sweating during a good workout
  88. Traveling
  89. The feeling of getting stronger
  90. Still having hair left
  91. Being born beautiful
  92. Myself
  93. A good beer
  94. Being very comfortable by myself
  95. Getting a good nights sleep
  96. Snow and snowboarding
  97. Brunch
  98. A good pair of shoes
  99. Being up early and enjoying the morning
  100. Putting in work and getting after it