Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Don't Settle for the Default

There are a lot of places in life where there is a normal curriculum to follow. For example college is usually a 4 year program, high school is 4 years, you pay off a house in 30 or 15 years. If you follow these plans, its probably not bad but you have to keep in mind one thing: These plans are often catered for the lowest common denominator. Or in other words, they are designed in a way so that even the worst students can pace themselves and pass. Yes of course there are exceptions, I'm sure there are people who fail high school or don't pay off their house. But the point is that it is designed so that the masses will be successful.

So the next line of reasoning is that if you are average or above average and still follow the same course as the person who is below average, then you are probably being sub-optimal about it. You aren't learning as much and aren't pushing yourself hard enough. In the case of the house, there is a tremendous cost savings of the overall purchase of a house for someone who can pay off their loan quicker. If you can graduate college or high school in 2 years, you may want to consider it. I say consider it because there are reasons to follow the normal course (maybe social reasons perhaps) and not charge ahead. But at least don't forget to look at the default that is being given to you and question whether those settings are optimal for you. If not, then feel free to poke at the walls.