Monday, November 21, 2016

Derek Sivers on the Tim Ferris Podcast

Love the Tim Ferris podcast. So many gold nuggets. Particularly like it when Derek Sivers is on as he explains things so simply and elegantly:
  • Its not what you know, its what you do and what you practice every day.
  • Would we still call Richard Branson successful if his goal was to live a quiet life but as a compulsive gambler he keeps creating companies?
  • Early in your career, say yes to everything. You don't know what the lottery tickets are
  • The standard pace is for chumps. Go as fast as you want. Why would you graduate in 4 years if you can do it in 2? The pace of 4 years was geared for the lowest common denominator.
  • Don't be donkey. Think long term. That means you can decide something now. (The fable is that a donkey stands between hay and water, not being able to choose, and eventually dies; a donkey can't think long term enough to figure out that it can have both).
  • Hell yes or no. We say yes to much and let too many mediocre things fill our lives
  • Busy implies out of control. If you keep saying "I'm too busy, I have no time for this", it seems like you lack control over your time.
  • When making a business, sometimes we focus on the big things but sometimes something small (like a special email to make someone smile) will have a big impact.