Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dangerous vs Scary

On NPR's How I Built This Podcast, Jim Koch, the founder of Sam Adams talks about the difference between scary vs. dangerous. Many things that are scary to us are not dangerous. Oppositely, many things that are dangerous are not scary. 

He gives the example that repelling off of a cliff is scary but you are held by a belay rope which could hold up a car. Therefore it is not really dangerous. Things like walking near a snow mountain when the weather heats up probably isn't scary, but is really dangerous as it could cause an avalanche. I think not wearing sunscreen out to the beach might also be not scary, but dangerous.

Jim then explains that him staying at Boston Consulting Group would not be scary but would be very dangerous as one day when he is 65 he'd look back at his life and see that he wasted it by not doing something that made him happy.

Although I can honestly say that I loved my job, made such great friendships and learned so much from the experience, I knew it was time to leave. Towards the end the winds changed. There was a change in management, the community broke down and the people who I shed blood and sweat with started leaving. My rate of growth slowed down a lot. Although I made good money there I realized that it would be really dangerous to stay. Quitting my job would be scary but I'd ultimately be fine and I'd gain new skills and confidence. I'd be more antifragile

Whenever something is scary, we should also ask if it is dangerous. If not, then don't be afraid to take the leap.