Saturday, November 5, 2016


The constraints that we put in our lives are just as valuable as the freedom we give ourselves. We often think that having as much freedom and choice as possible in life is ideal. However it often has  the opposite affect. It makes us anxious, we feel overwhelmed by the choice. We end up having so many options that we end up doing none. That is because having more choice often makes it harder to make a decision. And by decision I mean a true decision. The etymology of decision is incision, where you cut off something. So a decision is when you cut off other possibilities. Making a decision is the same as putting in some constraint in our lives. We are made better, and have gained more freedom even, as we are free to pursue the goal we have decided on.

Not all constraints can be considered good. I often talk about how everyone should attempt to save a large portion of their income  so that they may buy the freedom to live the life in the way that they want; to create the art that they desire. So we want to examine our lives and ask ourselves what positive constraints we could add to improve the quality of our lives.

One of the constraints that I have came up with is removing the browser from my phone. I know it sounds silly but I find that when it is on there I end up doing  significantly more mindless browsing. When I am on my pc, I am highly likely to be creating  than consuming which is what I want to be doing. Even if I am scanning facebook or reading about sports I do it much faster on the pc. There are downsides to this of course as sometimes the convenience of being able to look something up in a quip can be very convenient and maybe a great benefit. Its probable that I will be inconvenienced at some point because of this. But I think its a net gain. I'm making a trade-off; giving up some good to get the better. At the end of the experiment I can do an analysis on how it went and decided if it was worth it and something I want to keep.