Monday, October 3, 2016

Systems, Not Goals

In Scott Adam's book How to Fail at Almost Anything and still Win Big he talks about systems vs goals. System oriented thinking is way better than goal oriented. Why? Because each time you apply a system you win. A goal oriented person lives in temporary failure because by definition once you set a goal you are in a current state of not accomplishing that goal.

Some examples of goals vs systems:
Loosing 20 lbs is a goal, eating right is a system
Running a marathon is a goal, exercising daily is a system
Making a million dollars is a goal, being a serial entrepreneur(trying things, learning from it, moving on when needed) is a system

I was thinking about this and came to the conclusion that as long as you do not quit, if you follow a system you will be successful. There's an important nuance that sometimes it is not you that quits but that you are forced to quit because of your circumstance. So its important to keep in mind to not to fail in a way that forces you to quit (lose all your money on one startup idea) but to make tiny mistakes and adjust accordingly so that you fail and learn but are still in the game. This ties in nicely with the quote "The person who fails the most is the most successful".

I've created the above diagram to illustrate a general solid system. 

I'm following it now as I've recently quit my job to look for new, exciting opportunities and am aggressively learning and exploring. I have faith in myself doing so and know that I will be successful since I refuse to take the red path to real failure.