Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ship it

I've been reading a lot of Seth Godin's work lately. I love his thoughts on writers block.

You don't have writers block, you are just afraid of shipping. It's easier to not ship and talk about it then to ship and have it not be "perfect". There are many reasons for this fear, one is that you are thinking too much of the applause, what critics will think of your art. Not shipping is a way to silence the critics since they don't have anything to talk about. It takes courage to be able to put something out there, even the bad stuff. If you say that you have writers block, lets see your bad art, your bad ideas. You probably don't have it since the fear of it being criticized is what is preventing all work. 

I'm on a personal mission to work on my fear. I need to stop with the excuses. I'm always busy but I know that I am doing it to avoid some difficult work. I'm going to start creating, start shipping.